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The following sections include information on the most efficient way to contact us, so we can ensure the right team respond to your query ASAP.

We cover a lot of the common questions and answers in our FAQ section, so be sure to check it out as we may already be in a position to answer your query.

Rugrats Rugby work in partnership with My Sports Wear as their kit fulfilment and merchandise partner.

The aim is to ship your child’s Rugrats Rugby kit within 2 weeks from the date of you joining the programme.

Merchandise orders can take up to 4 weeks as these are made to order.

If you have an enquiry relating to your kit or merchandise order you can contact My Sports Wear on 01325 488884 or complete the form below and one of the team will be in touch.

You can contact the Regional Manager for your local region direct by visiting our Find a Class section and selecting the class that you have an enquiry about.

The Regional Managers contact details will be on that class information page with the different ways you can reach them either direct via Facebook or email.

If you are interested in joining the winning team and launching your own Rugrats Rugby business please visit our Become a Franchisee page and submit the Request a Prospectus form.

We are always looking for self-motivated, outgoing and dedicated people to join our programme as Coaches. If you are interested in Coaching please submit the form below and one of our recruitment team will be in touch.

For all other enquiries please contact our HQ team by completing the form below.

  • What ages do provide classes for?

    Children can join the Rugrats Rugby programme from the age of 2. We run two programmes Kick Start 2-4 years and Try Time 4-7 years.
  • Rugby for toddlers, really?

    Our programme is all non-contact, we have specifically designed a range of games and activities to develop children in age-appropriate classes.
  • Do you offer a taster session?

    Yes, in fact we are big fans of the taster sessions and encourage children to come along and try a class for free!
    To book a taster simply go to our Find a class page and you will be able to see the available taster places on the classes of your choice.
  • How do I find a class?

    To use our class search functionality click here
  • How long do the sessions last?

    Our Kick Start programme for 2-4-year olds are 30 minutes in duration.
    The Try Time programme for 4-7-year olds are 40 minutes in duration.
  • Are parents expected to take part?

    We encourage parent participation in our Kick Start programme for 2-4-year olds, to help assist with their skills work.
    The Try Time programme for 4-7-year olds does not require parent participation, but you will be required to remain with them during the class.
  • What size classes do you run?

    Our classes will have up to 12 children, but in cases where sessions have Assistant Coaches, we may run larger class sizes.
  • What does my child need to wear?

    If your child is attending a taster session, we advise you to dress them in clothes that they feel comfortable in and can easily move around.
    Once you join the programme and purchase your Child’s kit they will receive this normally within 2 weeks, to be able to wear in the classes.
  • Do I need to bring anything to the class?

    We advise bringing a drink for your child and a snack for after they have finished.
  • Why do I need to pay for a kit when joining?

    Each child that joins the programme becomes a member and we are passionate about creating a team environment and a sense of belonging.
    The Rugrats Rugby kit is a way in which we help create that environment.
  • How much do the classes cost?

    The prices of our classes vary throughout the UK due to localised pricing of venues and insurance.
    The price you will pay is included in the class summary page for the class you are interested in joining.
    You can search for a class here
  • What do your classes involve?

    We play a range of non-contact Rugby specific games that are aimed at developing children’s skills including passing, catching, kicking, try scoring, running with a ball and much more.
  • Do you offer parties?

    Yes, our Rugrats Rugby parties are quite a hit!
    You can find more information on our parties here

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